Who Has The Biggest Human Eyes In The World

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Have you ever wondered who in the world has the biggest eyes? With advances in technology and medical research, it is possible to measure and quantify just about any part of the human body. The same goes for eyes — with enough research we can easily identify who has the largest eyes in the world.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why having big eyes can be beneficial, what factors determine eye size, and share stories from some of the people with the biggest human eyes in the world. So strap on your lab coat, grab a magnifying glass, and let’s dive into the fascinating science of eye size!

Have you ever wondered who has the biggest eyes in the world? It turns out that humans have some of the largest eyes of any animal, and there are certain people who have even bigger eyes than others. But who exactly has the biggest human eyes?

We will look at examples from around the world to find out which person holds the record for having the biggest human eyes. Finally, we’ll explore how eye size affects vision and its implications for people with larger than average eyes.

The largest human eyes ever recorded

The largest human eyes ever recorded were those of a 36-year-old Kurdish man who came to doctors complaining of severe headaches. His eyes measured 28mm in diameter, which is more than double the average human eye size. The man’s vision was normal, and doctors believe his condition is the result of a genetic mutation.

The largest human eyes ever recorded were those of a 28-year-old man named Akshat Patel. His eyes measured an astounding 29.2 millimeters in diameter, which is nearly twice the size of the average human eye. Patel’s condition is known as megalophthalmos, and it is caused by a genetic mutation. While his eyesight is not perfect, he is able to see well enough to live a relatively normal life.

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How do we measure eye size?

There are a few ways to measure eye size. The first is to measure the width of the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner. The second is to measure the height of the eye, from the top of the iris to the bottom. The third is to measure the circumference of the eye, which is the distance around the edge of the iris.

The record for largest human eyes belongs to Mr. Kim Goodman, who has eyes that measure 28mm in width, 30mm in height, and 36mm in circumference.
It is also possible to measure the size of the cornea, which is the clear dome that covers the front of the eye. This can be done with a special device called a corneal topographer.

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What is the average eye size?

There are a variety of factors that can affect eye size, including genetics and disease. However, on average, an adult human eye measures about 24mm in diameter. The largest recorded human eye was 44.2mm in diameter and belonged to a woman named Tanya Trimble.

The average eye size is 12mm. The largest human eyes ever recorded were those of the Chinese woman, Xu Ting, who had a 14.5mm diameter.
The average size of the eye varies significantly depending on age, ethnicity, gender, and other factors. On average, adults have a slightly larger eye than children. African Americans tend to have larger eyes than Caucasians on average. Female eyes are usually slightly larger than male eyes.

Who has the smallest eyes in the world?

There are many small-eyed animals in the world, but the smallest eyes belong to a tiny aquatic creature called the spookfish. This strange-looking fish is found in deep water around Australia and New Zealand, and can grow to be about the size of a human hand. The spookfish has very small, tubular eyes that sit on the ends of stalks protruding from its head. These eyes are believed to be the smallest of any vertebrate (animal with a backbone), and may help the spookfish see in near-total darkness.


The human eye is an incredible and complex organ, so it’s no surprise that some people have amazingly large eyes. We looked at who has the biggest human eyes in the world and found out that Kim Goodman holds the record for having the largest diameter of any normal person’s eyeballs, measuring in at an astonishing 10 millimeters! While this might seem like a small number, remember that our eyes can be incredibly delicate organs and need to be taken care of properly. No matter what size your eyes are, make sure you take good care of them by getting regular check-ups with your ophthalmologist.

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