The 21-Day Pushup And Pullup Plan


The 21-Day Pushup And Pullup Plan

You need just 3 weeks for this 21-day pushup and pullup plan to get a stronger upper body. Pushups and pullups may seem terrifying, but if you kick off at a slow pace and build your strength, they become easier with time.



On the first day, begin with 10 reps for each exercise, next add 1 rep for every exercise for 21 days. You will pile up more reps to build your strength and muscle in other to perform each move perfectly. Do not forget that you may not need to do all your reps at once. Split it up into different sets to continue to be in perfect form (that is, do 10 reps in 2 sets of 5).

The 21-Day Pushup And Pullup Plan




  • Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a firm surface.
  • From up to down maintain a straight line through making a double chin, bracing your abs, and compressing your glutes.
  • Lowering yourself against the floor, tighten up your elbow at 45 degrees to your sides. Rather than easily allowing gravity to draw you down, visualize pulling yourself to the ground by gradually compressing your shoulder blades.
  • As soon as your chest touches the floor, drag yourself back to the position you started without allowing your elbows to spread to the sides.



  • Firstly, select the appropriate pull-up type for your strength. If you can not do regular pull-ups, try pull-ups with the assisted machine. With a band envelope, the bar and your knee or attempt feet-supported pull-ups with your feet placed on a box.
  • Grasp the pullup bar with either overhand, underhand, or neutral (ie when the palms are opposite each other).
  • Compress the handle to make a double chin, get your abs ready like you want to hit the stomach in an attempt to build your full body tension.
  • Pull yourself in the direction of the bar. Visualize your armpit doing it rather than your elbow.
  • At the upper part, your chest remains tall and your chin a little bit folded. Work towards pulling your chest to the bar, not only your chin.
  • Gradually reduce yourself back to the position you started, stop before your arms are entirely straight. To lessen pressure on your shoulders and elbows be careful not to go into a “dead hang” position.



If you are not ready to do complete pushups and pullups, variations for every fitness level have been made available to enable everyone to complete the challenge. There is a probability that if you continue with it for 21 days you can boost your strength to perform more advanced types of exercises.



  • Inclined
  • Band Assisted
  • Regular
  • Decline
  • Band Resisted



  • Machine Assisted
  • Band Assisted
  • Foot Supported
  • Regular



  • Using a wall calendar, write a visible x on each day you finish. seeing that you complete every day’s task keeps you determined from missing workouts.
  • Set an alarm at the same time to always remind you to do your workouts.
  • Missing a day entails that you work out twice the next day to augment for the day missed. The exercises are easy and not heavy so don’t worry about being exhausted.
  • You might be inclined to go into a more advanced exercise variation like inclined pushups to regular pushups as you get stronger. You can only do this if you are sure you can complete all the reps for each day.



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