Is It Possible For The Cold Weather To Worsen Migraine?

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Today, over 10 million people, including children and adults, experience migraines in the United Kingdom. This health condition often comes with

throbbing pain regardless of the time of year you may be experiencing it. However, you’re most certainly going to experience more pain during the winter months. This brings us to the question; does the cold weather even have any effect on migraines? If yes, what exactly are the best medications for migraines during this period?

Cold weather affects migraine sufferers

In the United Kingdom today, the winter months are known for a lot of things, such as drops in temperature, snow, and drier air. Unfortunately, these factors are warning signs for many migraine sufferers.


Today, the causes of migraines are a little bit complicated. However, scientists reveal that weather changes are one of the triggers of most acute migraine attacks. It’s pretty simple, as weather changes, brain chemicals become imbalanced, resulting in migraines. A few recent studies revealed that pressure drop can increase a patient’s chances of having migraines.


Do you experience an increase in your migraine during the winter months? If yes, below are a few reliable tips on how to make things better:

1.   Keep a migraine journal.

Keeping a migraine journal isn’t only important to you. In addition, it’s also helpful to your healthcare practitioner in determining the best how effective both preventive treatments and your migraine medications are. With a journal, you can easily spot trends and identify whether your migraine becomes worse during the winter months.


When using your diary, below are a few things you need to focus on:


  • Note down every detail about your migraine attacks. These details should focus on when a system starts, the weather conditions when it surfaces, and the frequency of the symptom.
  • In addition, you also need to detail all the treatment options and migraine tablets name that you’ve been taking.


With the right information in your journal, you can easily identify trends, which will help your doctor better understand how to treat your symptoms.

2.   Take note of the weather.

With your journal, it’s easy to identify whether or not the cold weather is what causes your migraines. If winter has a lot to do with your migraines, then you need to focus on the weather forecast.


When focusing on the forecast, isobars are important factors to focus on. They help to indicate whether the atmospheric pressure is low or high. The Met Office is also a good online resource you can rely on to get information regarding current and forecasted future air medications for migraines

3.   Stay hydrated at all times

One of the many benefits of staying hydrated during the winter months is to help control your migraines. As you already know, winter comes with cold, dry air, which can cause you to dehydrate quickly. To remain hydrated, you need to keep a water bottle with you when going outdoors.


According to the European Food Safety Agency, the standard amount of water and other fluids, such as low-fat milk, coffee, and tea, to take daily to stay hydrated is 2.5 litres for women and 2 litres for men.

4.   Migraine medications

One of the most effective ways of controlling your migraines is by using the right migraine medications. During the cold months, these medications can also help you relieve the throbbing pains that come with your acute headache.


Once you understand that weather is a big cause of your acute headache, you can always take migraine tablets in advance to prevent migraine from surfacing. Today, there are many different types of tablets you can get for migraines. One of the most effective, which you can buy at Ashcroft Pharmacy, is Sumatriptan Tablets. By using these tablets the right way, you can expect them to start working about 30 minutes after use.


Apart from the migraine tablet Sumatriptan, you can also rely on our unbiased medical team at Ashcroft Pharmacy to find the best medications for your cold weather-triggered migraines.

5.   Consider stocking up on migraine supplies

Having the right pain relief on hand at all times is another effective solution for migraine sufferers. By visiting Ashcroft Pharmacy, you can always find appropriate relief medications for your symptoms. Our pharmacists will help you stock a variety of migraine pain relief tablets, such as Sumatriptan tablet (50mg and 100mg), Rizatriptan tablets, and Zolmitriptan tablets.


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