Is Blue Majik Worth The Hype?

Is Blue Majik Worth The Hype

Is Blue Majik Worth The Hype?

You may have seen dazzling blue food appear on your feeds if you are a follower of any Instagrammer obsessed with health-related matters. The powder used for mermaid toast and bright blue contains a lot of nutrients and this is called Blue Majik. This is one of the fascinating new great food.



Contrary to other foods presumed to be superfoods, Blue Majik is actually worth the publicity. It is solely extracted from freshwater algae, spirulina which is now well known over the last few years. The fame it receives goes beyond the color .it contains a high amount of protein, low calories, vitamins, and minerals. it is also enriched with iron, potassium, magnesium, and some calcium.

According to recent studies, Blue Majik is packed with antioxidants and aids in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. it is being commended for the anti-inflammatory constituents that decrease the chances of diseases like arthritis, it has cancer-fighting properties. A test conducted on rats showed that it can reduce tumors and in another test with human beings people who took spirulina daily had 45% lesser lesions the next year than people who didn’t take any.

Blue Majik can be a good combination to your diet if you are a vegetarian, considering that vegetarians always suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency and needs other avenues of getting protein.

Is Blue Majik Worth The Hype


If you eat protein well and you are getting vitamins through other avenues, blue majik may not change your health entirely but it could be helpful when you need a boost. Also, keep in mind that you will have the same benefits from spirulina which is affordable and more popular, although it contains a few extra calories it has more protein.

Blue Majik is a supplement that is sold in pill form with the powder to add to your food from the company E3. Keep in mind that it has a fishy taste you need some time to get used to. This taste can be masked by fruits or ingredients like honey but it later leaves a lingering taste.

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