CBD Dosage: Am I Taking the Correct Amount?

CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage: Am I Taking the Correct Amount?

Did you know that CBD offers you significant health benefits? Well, I probably need not to bother you with this question because the health benefits of this chemical compound from the cannabis plant are in the public domain. Your main concern right now could be how to ensure that you are not taking the wrong dose. You want to make sure the dosage is high enough to allow you to enjoy the health buzzed health benefits. You also want to make sure your dosage is low enough to avoid any undesired effects.

Today, with the growing popularity of cannabis as a significant medicinal plant, more and more organizations are introducing various weed product brands into the market. Of course, we face the danger of scrupulous businesses wanting to take undue advantage of this situation by introducing poor quality and unsafe products. As such, it may become quite difficult for users to tell which brands are the best and safe and which ones are offering low-quality and unsafe products. Well, this could be the greatest concern among users. In any case, no one wants to gamble with his or her safety.

However, an equally important concern that you and other users may be facing is “how would I know I am taking the right amount of CBD?” Yeah, we have all been victims of drug overdose or an underdose, or we may have at least heard of an individual who took the wrong dose of medication only for them to suffer some negative effects. For this reason, it is just right and normal for you to be concerned about the correct dose when it comes to the use of cannabis products. While a lower than optimal dose may be an issue, the major concern could be an overdose.

Are you seeking a straightforward answer to the question? Not so quick because in this article we will disappoint you. The truth is, the question does not have a straightforward answer. If you perform a Google search, you will be surprised to find that there isn’t a uniform answer to this question.

Today, a number of CBD products come in various forms, and most of the packages have a label containing dosing suggestions for you. However, we can’t ignore that we are all different, and our bodies react differently to the same product. This fact is not different when it comes to CBD. As such, CBD products work differently for different people. Nevertheless, if you are a new CBD user, you may still be concerned about the influence of taking a significantly large amount of this product. You may also be here trying to figure out the amount of CBD that works best for you in attaining optimal results. Well, we don’t have a direct answer to your question, but we have some information to help you make out the best dose that meets your need. Continue reading this article to find out the best CBD dosage that will ensure you have optimal results.

CBD Dosage

What are the dangers associated with CBD overdose?

The good news with consuming CBD is that no person has ever died of an overdose. Although you may experience a stomach upset or a bout of diarrhea from consuming excessive cannabis, lethal CBD overdose is impossible. Compared to several other chemical compounds from cannabis, CBD is safer and well-tolerated by most users.

Mostly, studies use dosages ranging from 20 mg to 1500 mg a day. Graveside effects have been exceedingly rare even when researchers have used higher doses.

Onestudysought to find out the effects of different CBD doses: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 900 mg. The research entailed 38 human subjects, but none showed any noticeable effects on anxiety or mood. Similarly, the subjects did not show any considerable changes in their blood pressure for all the doses. While the individuals who took the highest dose (900 mg) experienced a considerable reduction in heart rate for four hours after consumption, the value didn’t go lower than the healthy range.

An additional studyexamined the longer-term outcomes of this chemical compound on schizophrenic patients. The subjects took cannabidiol for 28 days, beginning with 200mg before increasing to 800mg. Three of the participants had to adjust the CBD doses to 600 mg because they experienced unintended outcomes. However, none of the subjects showed any major safety concerns during the research.

From the above study, it is clear that you cannot suffer lethal outcomes from consuming excessive doses of the cannabinoid.

So, why should you still be concerned about CBD dosing? First, as indicated, higher doses of CBD could cause some side effects, which you may want to avoid. Secondly, you need to know the amount of CBD to take in order to get the desired outcomes.

CBD Dosage

So, what is the correct CBD dosage for you?

As we said earlier, there is no fast and hard rule for determining the best dosage for you. When working to establish the best CBD dosage for yourself, you need to consider a number of factors. Some of the top factors that you need to consider in choosing the correct CBD dosage for you are:

  • The medical condition or problem you are treating using CBD – The dosage for treating various conditions differs. For example, the dosage for effective anxiety treatment may be different from the optimal dosage for pain treatment.
  • Your metabolism – Individuals with a quick metabolism rate for CBD may require a higher dosage than those with a slow metabolism
  • The intensity of the medical problem or condition you are treating – The higher the intensity of a condition, the higher the dosage of CBD you need to treat the condition
  • The quality of your product – With high-quality CBD products, you need lower dosages because the amount of CBD is high.
  • Your sensitivity to cannabinoids – Take lower dosages of CBD if you have significant sensitivity to other cannabinoids
  • Your response to CBD – Your prior responses to CBD consumption will help you choose the correct dosage for your case.
  • Your body weight – the higher the body weight, the high the CBD dosage requirement
  • Your age – The dosage requirement for youthful individuals cannot be the same for aged people
  • The conventional medications you are taking – higher doses of cannabidiol may interact with some medications to produce negative results.
  • Your experience in CBD use – Whether it is your first time using CBD or you have used it before will determine the amount of CBD you should take.

Still not satisfied?

Well, let us break down this information further for a better understanding.

As indicated, the length of time you have used CBD will determine the amount you can take safely. As a beginner, you should start with low doses and increase gradually. You cannot downplay the likelihood of experiencing side effects. Therefore, skin care begin with low doses between 0.5 mg and 20 20 mg a day. Then you can increase gradually but do not take more than 800 gm a day.

You also need to take into account the health condition you are treating. If you are dealing with critical conditions such as depression, you may need higher doses than when using it to relax before addressing attendees of a conference. You may also consider the intensity of your condition when choosing the dose.

Your weight also influences the amount of CBD you should take in a day. For instance, if a person weighing 170 Lbs takes the same amount of CBD as another person weighing 300 Lbs, the effects will not be the same. If you are weighing between 130 and 230 Lbs, you should begin with 20 mg, which you should take twice a day. Conversely, if you weigh below 130 Lbs, a dose of 13 mg is recommended, with those weighing over 230 Lbs taking about 26 mg.

What number of CBD oil drops should you take?

If you are using CBD capsules and gummies, you will find that they have a label showing the number of CBD milligrams each serving has. However, you will not find this information with CBD oils and sprays. In this case, you may need to conduct some level of math.

Let us go!

A drop is equal to 0.05 mL. This means that if you have a 10 mL bottle of CBD, you have 200 drops. Suppose the bottle has 500 mg of CBD. To find out the amount of CBD in each drop, you will divide the amount of CBD in the bottle (500mg) by the total number of drops (200). Each drop will have 2.5 mg of CBD. Therefore, if you intend to take 50 mg of cannabidiol, you will take 20 drops to satisfy this need.


Here we go! As you have seen from the above discussion, there is no fixed value when deciding on the correct dosage of CBD to take. Different factors influence your choice. As a beginner, start with a small dose, which you may then increase gradually till you find out what works best for you. Thankfully, CBD mental health is generally safe, and you are unlikely to experience adverse effects from high doses. As such, you may experiment with various doses safely.





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